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Option Analysis

One of the delights of providing services in a multi-disciplinary partnership, is the possibility of working alongside colleagues from different disciplines. In the old days, one of my clients wishing to obtain advice in relation to whether they should proceed with a planned project, change of provision of services or merger, would need to commission reports from tax advisors, legal advisors, accountants, marketing experts, business planning advisors, funders, etc. Counterculture Partnership LLP is in the unique position to be able to pull together a team of experienced practitioners who can work together to produce one report that covers all of these aspects.

This part of the process of assessment is often called “due diligence”.  The phrase describes the framework for investigation of a project, to see if it stands up to scrutiny, and whether the pricing for the project is realistic. At the end of the process, a report is produced that summarises the findings of the due diligence process. Any unusual or risky parts of the project are highlighted for further consideration. In most circumstances, we can make recommendations to help mitigate those risks, but in some situations we have to be brave and inform a client that the risks of failure are so high, even after taking mitigating steps, that we can only recommend that the project is shelved. Whatever the result of our report, we aim to produce a practical, considered analysis to avoid unnecessary costs in the future.

The due diligence process helps you make decisions on the options that are available for new projects, existing services, and merger talks. We can benchmark your work to see if it stands up to market scrutiny. We can analysis the short and medium term effect on income, expenditure and cash flow.

I’ve just finished a report for a new project that may well enable new investment in our inner city green spaces. It was fantastic to visit the location so I could understand how it relates to its surroundings. I also really enjoy gathering the relevant information about a client’s requirements and vision, and using my firm’s experience of working on similar projects to be able to suggest a way forward with the maximum chances of success. Our client asked us to consider four options. We were able to point out the perils of one option, and to develop two of the other options. We were also frank with our client, because we had not been able to complete our work in relation to the fourth option because of the lack of background information.

We hope to see a response to our report in the coming weeks. If we can add value to a project by providing further services, we’ll offer to continue to develop a business plan to deliver the preferred option. If that helps secure a green space for the future, we all win!

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