Funding Not for Profit Updates

Fundraising lotteries will become easier to arrange

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From 06 April 2016, the rules relating to lotteries (including raffles) will be relaxed, and even more opportunities for fundraising by organising small scale lotteries will be allowed. The new rules remove some of the restrictions that apply to lotteries regulated by Parts 1 and 2 of Schedule 11 to the Gambling Act 2005.

Before April 2016, some small scale lotteries were allowed if they took place at non-commercial events. In the future, whether an event is commercial or non-commercial is not relevant.

Private society lotteries will also be allowed, even if the aim of the lottery is to raise funds for another good cause.

A work lottery or a residents’ lottery will be allowed in two circumstances, where the lottery is:

  • promoted wholly for a purpose other than that of private gain; or
  • organised in such a way as to ensure that no profits are made.

The new regulations reduce the amount of information that needs to be shown on the face of tickets in a private lottery.

Although technical in nature, these changes mean that even more fundraising events can take place without the need of a licence.

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