Services Structures

Consortium and Collaboration Agreements


There are many ways of working in partnership with other organisations. Some structures are great for short term projects, and others are better suited to longer term plans. In many cases, a simple statement of how a collaboration is intended to work is a useful framework for governance. Some funders require more comfort, asking for either a more formal contractual arrangement, or the setting up of a special vehicle for the project – especially if the funds are going to be used to purchase or create valuable assets. I’ve worked on local, national and international collaborations, and have developed templates for structures for each. For organisations looking to enter into a joint venture, consortium or collaboration Counterculture can offer:

  • Governance review: do you have authority to enter into the project?
  • Structure review: which structure for the project would be best?
  • Contract review: a health check on the arrangements with customers, suppliers and funders.
  • Incorporation: creation of all documents required if a new co-operative, community, charity or not for profit organisation is required.

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